Air-conditioning-heating-auto-services-simi-valley-caOur Simi Valley location will keep you cool with regular air conditioning repair and service. A/C repair and service is important, especially in Simi Valley, because a hot car under the summer sun is an uncomfortable car. Don’t let your pet, your kids, or your groceries suffer in a vehicle that desperately needs air conditioning repair and service. When BJ’s Automotive services or repairs your car’s A/C unit, everyone will travel more comfortably with you when running errands around town. We recommend not attempting to service your vehicle with the “AC repair in a can” kits you can get at your local auto parts store.  They usually contain a sealant which can do more harm than good, and can damage the system further.

Air conditioning simply cools and removes the humidity from the air, then the blower pushes the cooled air into the cabin.  The compressor, condenser and evaporator all work in conjunction to give you a more comfortable ride. If your vehicle comes equipped with a serviceable cabin filter, it’s wise to change it at the recommended maintenance intervals.  It greatly effects the systems performance, much like the filter in your home heater and A/C system.

If your car’s air conditioning system isn’t doing its job, call our Simi Valley shop at 805-527-7741 today and we’ll have your car keeping you cool again in no time.

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