Apple Hypercar?

Apple concept car

Several months ago, according to sources, Apple had begun talks with supercar company McLaren to discuss either a major investment, or a complete buyout.

[Update: McLaren officials have denied all association with Apple at this time. The statement they’ve sent out to various news organizations reads:
“We can confirm that McLaren is not in discussion with Apple in respect of any potential investment”

Financial Times reports:
The California technology group, which has been working on a self-driving electric vehicle for more than two years, is considering a full takeover of McLaren or a strategic investment, according to three people briefed on the negotiations who said talks started several months ago.
McLaren is not necessarily the car company that comes to mind when you think of what Apple has been trying to do in the automotive marketplace for the last few years. Apple has been quietly (not very quietly) working on electric and autonomous vehicles independently, which is not what McLaren does at all.  Supercars are meant to be driven and enjoyed, the polar opposite of what we think of when you say “autonomous vehicle”.
The other posibility for the investment could be that Apple and McLaren have come to an agreement on sharing technology. McLaren is slated to release it’s new vehicle soon and rumor has it, it’s an electric successor to the P1.

McLaren P1

It also has an extensive technology wing that supplies computers, harnesses, and many other highly technical electronics to various racing teams all over the world.
This news is promising after months of stories about Apple losing executives and rumors of layoffs in their automotive R&D wing they’ve been developing.

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