Brake-Repair-Simi-Valley-CAYour best stop for auto brake repair in Simi Valley is BJ’s Automotive. If your vehicle is having trouble stopping or if the brakes are squealing or grinding, it’s very important for your safety that you bring your vehicle in for professional service. At BJ’s Automotive, we can provide the auto repair troubleshooting necessary to determine just what the issue is and how to repair it. Even if you just want to have some routine maintenance done to help prevent those issues, we are happy to serve as your complete service shop for all of your vehicle’s brake needs.

Your braking system is one of the best safety features your vehicle has to offer. If your brakes are working properly then you can come to a safe and complete stop during your daily commute or avoid that unforeseen road hazard. There are several symptoms you may experience when it is getting close to needing a brake inspection.

There is often times a high pitched squeal when your brake pads are getting thin. This noise is because there is a metal filament in your brake pads that is intentionally causing the squeak, warning you that it is time to get your brake pads changed.

Brake Pads Simi Valley, CA

Your brake pads are the part of your brake system that sits between the rotors and your brake shoe. Without your brake pads the shoe would come in direct contact with the rotors. This metal to metal contact causes a lot of friction and heat that can warp certain parts of your braking system. Not only is it going make a brake change more expensive it is also incredibly unsafe to drive this way.

There are several services that will allow us to inspect your brake pads, so whenever you have your vehicle in our shop don’t hesitate to ask us for a quick brake inspection. It’s always better to stay ahead of your braking system when it comes to potential part failures.

Brake Flush Simi Valley, CA

The fluid in your brake lines doesn’t last forever, I know we all wish it did. But especially in older cars, this fluid can become acidic and eat away at the vulnerable components of your braking system. So if you have questions about your brakes, or your brake fluid, let us know and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Auto brake repair isn’t the only service we provide at our Simi Valley location. If your vehicle starts showing signs of a problem, be it a funny clanking noise or a worrisome shake to the steering wheel, bring it in to BJ’s for some auto repair troubleshooting. Our ASE-trained technicians will perform a 21-point inspection to pin down the problem and work efficiently to repair it as quickly as possible so you can get back on the road. We don’t just handle brakes: our mechanics are experienced in completing a wide range of services, including transmission repairs, electronic testing, and auto radiator repair. We are a AAA-approved auto repair shop, backed by a 100% customer satisfaction rating and satisfied customer testimonials and we take pride in delivering honest, reliable service. If you have questions about our range of automotive services, or wish to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (805) 527-7741. For your convenience, you can also schedule an appointment online.

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