• Auto news round-up for 8-22-16

    Uber moves to make autonomous taxis a reality Uber, who has spent millions on a self-driving research lab in Pittsburgh, said Thursday that they’ll be unleashing their autonomous Ford Fusions on the masses very soon. A human backup driver will be provided, and the ride will be free to those willing to take the trip

  • Automotive news for 8/16/16

    Ford’s Self Driving Future   Ford announced today that it plans to build a completely autonomous vehicle to sell to ride sharing services by 2021. At their press conference today, Ford stated that it’s doubling the size of it’s Palo Alto, CA staff to more than 300 people in order to make the plan a

  • Automotive News, Simi Valley Road Work, and This Day in History

    Expect Delays in Simi Valley Alamo Street, west of Gage Ave is going through some changes.  Starting today and lasting for the next two months, residents can expect to see lane closures on the westbound side of Alamo while crews widen the road and replace curbs and gutters. Ron Fuchiwaki, the city’s public works director,

  • Automotive news for 8/2/16

    Apple Branches Out Over the weekend, Apple invested $1 billion dollars into ride sharing service, Didi Chuxing, China’s largest of it’s kind. Didi is  is also buying out it’s biggest competitor, Uber China. Tim Cook, Apple’s Chief Executive, claimed it was done “for a number of strategic reasons,” and was “a chance to learn more

  • Automotive News 7-26-16

    Round The World In 505 Days Solar Impulse, after starting it’s around the world trip in March of last year, has finally made it’s landing back in Abu Dhabi early this morning. Pilots Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg spanned 24,800 miles and four continents in their high tech plane. Breaking multiple records, the trip was

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