• What is a fuel service and how can it save me money?

      Have you noticed you’re at the gas station more often than you remember? Has your car felt sluggish, or slow to get going? When you’re at a stop light, does your car shake or shudder more than you remember it use to? Have you ever heard a knocking or ticking noise coming from the

  • Can Faraday Future Hold On?

    After a disappointing introduction at last years Consumer Electronics Show, last night finally quelled some of the shouting and rumors of disaster. At the show in 2016, their communications director dodged every question asked, instead redirecting with promises of grandeur and a simple “trust us” replies. Faraday Future had their press conference last night in

  • A Patent Rush, and This Day in History

    Auto industry patents are nothing new, but Ford has outdone itself this year, filing 1,442 patents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Toyota, GM, and Honda filed similar numbers as well, showing an over 25% increase from 2015. Raj Nair, executive vice president for product development and CTO, attributed the increase to the push

  • From the ashes of Scion

    Back in August, Toyota made it official, Scion and it’s associated vehicles would be dissolved. March of 2002, Scion as a company was introduced at the NY Auto Show. Their concept vehicles, the bbX (eventually called the xB by Scion) and the ccX (eventually becoming the tC) were aimed at the Gen Y market, relying

  • Apple Hypercar?

    Several months ago, according to sources, Apple had begun talks with supercar company McLaren to discuss either a major investment, or a complete buyout. [Update: McLaren officials have denied all association with Apple at this time. The statement they’ve sent out to various news organizations reads: “We can confirm that McLaren is not in discussion

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