transmission-repair-simi-valley-caWhen you need transmission repair in Simi Valley, head for the best. BJ’s Automotive has a team of qualified technicians ready to tackle all your major car troubles. Our certified and experienced staff has the latest tools in their hands to help diagnose and repair everything under the hood. We are a trusted and dependable team offering quality service you won’t find at just any auto shop.

Don’t ignore those grinds and groans when you shift and change gears. It doesn’t matter if you drive a manual or an automatic – those sounds could be signs you’re in need of transmission service. It’s better to be proactive when it comes to your car or truck and bring your vehicle in to us as soon as something seems amiss. Whether it’s a strange noise, a jolty ride, or your check engine light coming on, it’s a safer bet to bring your car in sooner than having to deal with more extensive and expensive repairs later. Simi Valley has trusted BJ’s to handle all of their transmission repairs, both big and small, for many years.

Keep your vehicle performing at its best and running smoothly. Having your transmission serviced as well as other general repairs like oil change, brake repair, smog test and a tune up services done with us ensures that your car will continue to drive better and last longer. Schedule an appointment today and see why we are the area’s most trusted auto shop. Schedule an Appointment

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